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Practice Transfer

The communication of research findings is an integral part of research and the ability to communicate research findings to different audiences is an essential qualification for researchers. A central goal of the international doctoral school REASON is to link theoretically driven research findings with practice by communicating the results of research in a way that is clear and accessible to a number of audiences.

It is often the case that the latest research results quickly find their way into research journals but fail to inform practitioners about the practical meaning of these findings. This is a critical step which should not be overlooked from our point of view. Therefore, the REASON team places great importance on practice transfer. We aim to address the question of how theoretically driven empirical work regarding Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation can be implemented and transferred to practice.

To address this challenge, the community task, “Practice Transfer,” has been created and is coordinated by previous and current PhD candidates in close cooperation with the Munich Center of the Learning Sciences. Two separate projects attempt to address the goal of practice transfer.

First, we aim to establish innovative ways of communicating ongoing REASON research. We are creating a series of short videos that explains our latest research findings and ongoing projects in a clear and accessible manner.

Second, we plan to integrate the latest empirical research findings into teaching and learning environments at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.