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Communication of Research Findings (Scientific Video Abstracts)

The video series provides a snapshot of the research world of REASON and a glimpse into modern research environments comprised of international and interdisciplinary teams. Here, some of the doctoral candidates from the first cohort present their empirical findings by explaining the theory and the design of their studies, their research methods, and discussing the implications of their results for practice and society.

We're happy to present the third series of videos based on the research of the doctoral candidates from the third REASON cohort. For that purpose the current 2019 cohort participated in a workshop on storyboarding, visual science communication and the creation of video abstracts held by Daniela Leitner.

Andras Csanadi, Carlos Mauricio Castaño Diaz, Maria Fysaraki, Jannina Klemm, and Ansgar Opitz were doctoral candidates in the REASON Cohort 2013. April Moeller Bachhuber and Florian Spensberger were doctoral candidates in the REASON Cohort 2016. They are now members of the REASON Alumni network. All other videos shown below are the (art)work of the PhD students of the 2019 cohort. Further information is available in the section REASON People


picopioauner“Oh my Goodness – A Real Client!” Preparing Social Work Students For Practice With Simulation-Based Learning And Adaptable Computer Supported Scripts

Carolin Auner / Mary Opio-Göres – Cohort of 2019

Carolin Auner, Supervisory Team: Prof. Dr. Sabine Pankofer (KSH), Prof. Dr. Birgit Dorner (KSH)

Mary Opio-Göres, Supervisory Team: Prof. Dr. Birgit Dorner (KSH), Ingo Kollar (University of  Augsburg)

picsilvaInterested in Exploring your Data and Improving your Model? SEM-Forests could be your Tool!

John Alexander Silva Diaz – Cohort of 2019


Supervisory Team: Prof. Dr. Moritz Heene (LMU), Prof. Dr. Stefan Ufer (LMU), Prof. Dr. Ronny Scherer (Educational Measurement, University of Oslo)

picliTangible User Interface for Collaborative Learning

Yanhong (Amy) Li – Cohort of 2019


Supervisory Team: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Hussmann (LMU), Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer (LMU), Prof. Dr. Jim Slotta (OISE, University of Toronto)

pickaltefleiterTraining Children to attribute Knowledge and Ignorance to Others

Larissa Jasmin Kaltefleiter – Cohort of 2019

Supervisory Team: Prof. Dr. Beate Sodian (LMU), Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer (LMU)

picbauerDiagnostic Argumentation - Sketched In Contexts And Networks

Elisabeth Bauer – Cohort of 2019

Supervisory Team: Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer (LMU), Prof. Dr. Martin R. Fischer (LMU)

picflores"Do fish have eyelashes?” - Using the Scientific Inquiry Method to address Children´s Questions

Pamela Flores – Cohort of 2019

Supervisory Team: Prof. Dr. Birgit J. Neuhaus (LMU), Prof. Dr. Beate Sodian (LMU)

pichorrerClinical Case Discussion - How Medical Students Learn Clinical Reasoning Through Cases

Anna Horrer – Cohort of 2019

Supervisory Team: Prof. Dr. Martin R. Fischer (LMU), Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer (LMU), Dr. Stuart Lubarsky (McGill University, Montreal)

picvideoScientific Reasoning in Preschool: The Development, Correlates, and Promotion of Control of Variables Strategy Abilities

April Moeller Bachhuber – Cohort of 2016

Supervisory Team: Prof. Beate Sodian (LMU), Prof. Heinrich Hußmann (LMU), Prof. Markus Paulus (LMU), Prof. Dave Sobel (Brown University)

spensvidScientific Reasoning & Evidence-Based Practice in Social Work

Florian Spensberger – Cohort of 2016

Supervisory Team: Prof. Sabine Pankofer (KSH), Prof. Ingo Kollar (University of Augsburg) and Prof. Eileen Gambrill (University of California in Berkeley)

AndrasSolving professional problems together: The impact of collaboration on pre-service teachers‘ scientific reasoning

Andras Csanadi – Cohort of 2013

Supervisory Team: Ingo Kollar, Frank Fischer, David Shaffer (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Janina KlemmBiological observation competency in preschool - the relation to scientific reasoning and opportunities for intervention

Janina Klemm – Cohort of 2013

Supervisory Team: Birgit J. Neuhaus, Beate Sodian, William Boone (Miami University)

Carlos 2How multiplayer online battle arenas foster scientific reasoning and argumentation

Carlos Mauricio Castaño Diaz– Cohort of 2013
Supervisory Team: Birgit Dorner, Heinrich Hußmann, Jan-Willem Strijbos (University of Groningen), Richard Allan Bartle (University of Essex)

Maria smilingConceptualizing and supporting awareness in collaborative argumentation

Maria Fysaraki – Cohort of 2013

Supervisory Team: Heinrich Hußmann, Frank Fischer, Gerhard Fischer (University of Colorado at Boulder)

ansgarAdvancing the assessment of scientific reasoning skills: A review of tests and a detailed analysis of a common test

Ansgar Opitz – Cohort of 2013

Supervisory Team: Moritz Heene, Frank Fischer, Richard Shavelson (Stanford University)