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Doctoral studies at LMU

Further information regarding doctoral studies

Additional Teaching and Study Offers

  • Graduate Center - LMU
    The Graduate Center represents a central platform for doctoral study related aspects, which also offers a comprehensive range of services including workshops and seminars in key qualifications.
  • LMU Center for Leadership and People Management
    The LMU Center for Leadership and People Management offers seminars on leadership.
  • The NAPLeS Network 
    The Network of Academic Programs in the Learning Sciences (NAPLeS) was founded in 2012 by members of the International Society of the Learning Sciences. NAPLeS is a network of Doctoral and Masters Programs in the Learning Sciences.
    This is a special program offered by the women's representative of LMU Munich for young academics towards the end of the doctorate.
  • Interne Weiterbildung für Beschäftigte der LMU 
    This platform offers a wide range of services, including language courses for LMU employees.
  • PROFil 
    PROFil is an initiative of LMU Munich to especially promote key qualifications concerning teaching competencies.
  • University Library 
    The central university library frequently offers introductions to bibliography software (Ctitavi, EndNote) and online search for scientific literature.
  • Bavarian State Library
    The Bavarian State Library regularly offers general introductions, as well as various topic specific events.
  • Leibniz Supercomputing Center 
    Enrolled doctoral students and employees of LMU Munich may participate in software courses (e.g. Access, Excel, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word) offered by the Leibniz Supercomputing Center.
  • IT-Group Humanities 
    For doctoral students and researchers in the humanities, the IT-Group offers courses in various IT-competencies.
  • LMU Language Center 
    Enrolled doctoral students may participate in language courses offered by the LMU Speech Center.
  • German Language Courses at Universität München e.V.
    The German Language Courses at Universität München e.V. Center offers courses for German as a foreign language.

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