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Former REASON Cohort 2016 Members

TitleNameThesis Topic/Thesis supervisionGraduation
Dr. Sarah Bichler The role of executive functions and Inquiry Based Learning for Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation 
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer (LMU), Prof. Dr. Birgit Neuhaus (LMU), Prof. Dr. Marcia Linn (University of Berkeley)
Dr. Anastasia Datsogianni               
Elementary students' conditional reasoning skills in mathematical and everyday contexts
  • Prof. Stefan Ufer (LMU), Prof. Beate Sodian (LMU), Prof. Henry Markovits (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Dr.  Despoina Georgiou The research-practice gap in teacher education: Beliefs, evidence and practice of university-based teacher educators
  • Prof. Tina Seidel (TUM), Prof. Frank Fischer (LMU), Prof. Jan Vermunt (TU/e Chair of Learning and Educational Innovation)
Dr.  Arianne Herrera-Bennett How do researchers evaluate statistical evidence when drawin inferences from data?
  • Prof. Dr. Moritz Heene (LMU), Prof. Dr. Stefan Ufer (LMU), Prof. Dr. Daniël Lakens (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Dr. Olga Ioannidou The role of content knowledge and formal scientific reasoning skills in informal reasoning: investigating preservice teachers’ reasoning skills on socio-scientific issues
  • Prof. Tina Seidel (TUM), Prof. Frank Fischer (LMU) and Prof. Sibel Erduran (University of Oxford)
Dr. April Moeller-Bachhuber  Scientific Reasoning in Preschool: The Development, Correlates, and Promotion of Control of Variables Strategy Abilities
  • Prof. Beate Sodian (LMU), Prof. Heinrich Hußmann (LMU), Prof. Markus Paulus (LMU), Prof. Dave Sobel (Brown University)
Gina Scappucci 
Evidence in research and practice across domains 
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer (LMU), Dr. Christopher Osterhaus (LMU)
Dr. Florian Spensberger  Scientific Reasoning & Evidence-Based Practice in Social Work
  • Prof. Sabine Pankofer (KSH), Prof. Ingo Kollar (University of Augsburg) and Prof. Eileen Gambrill (University of California in Berkeley)