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REASON Spring School 2018

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2nd Interdisciplinary REASON Spring School 2018
Advances in measuring scientific reasoning and argumentation

Scientific reasoning and argumentation (SRA) are considered essential competencies in modern knowledge societies and they have been investigated by various disciplines, such as psychology, teacher education, medicine, social work, media informatics, as well as mathematics and biology education. Identifying common research trajectories and interdisciplinary discussions about common methodologies are of vital importance for the advancement of our understanding of SRA. 

The International Doctoral School “Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation” (REASON) invited researchers from all fields relevant to the study of SRA to a three-day spring school in Munich. The program brought together diverse perspectives on current directions and advances in the measurement of SRA. The use of evidence in research and practice across domains was also discussed in a symposium. 

Accepted doctoral candidates presented their current research projects in three poster sessions.  

The event schedule included: 

Frank Fischer (LMU), Martin Fischer (LMU), Moritz Heene (LMU), Heinrich Hußmann (LMU), Birgit Neuhaus (LMU), Reinhard Pekrun (LMU), Beate Sodian (LMU), Stefan Ufer (LMU), Manfred Prenzel (TUM), Kristina Reiss, Tina Seidel (TUM), Birgit Dorner (KSH), Sabine Pankofer, (KSH) Ingo Kollar (Augsburg University), Johannes Bauer (Erfurt University)

Scientific Coordination Team
Frank Fischer, Christopher Osterhaus, Irina Ciobanu, Anastasia Datsogianni, Despoina Georgiou, Olga Ioannidou, Mary Opio

The REASON Spring School 2018 was funded by the Elite Network of Bavaria

You can also download the Spring School 2018 Poster and the Spring School 2018 Flyer.  

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We would also like to extend our appreciation to our conference materials sponsor MAXQDA.