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Study Program

  • History & Special Features

    The Psychology Master’s Program in the Learning Sciences is a relatively new study program, which was developed by top researchers in their fields. It first started in the winter semester 2011/12. more

  • Curriculum

    The studies in the M.Sc. Psychology in the Learning Sciences are structured around 14 study modules, including seven compulsory (P) and seven elective compulsory modules (WP). more

  • Credit System

    A total of 120 ECTS credits can be acquired in the program. more

  • Forms of Exams

    In the course of studying, students will complete four module exams and seventeen partial module exams. more

  • Academic Calendar LMU

  • Career Opportunities

    The M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences prepares and qualifies students for positions in research on learning in Psychology, Educational Sciences or related disciplines as well as in educational institutions and private business companies. more