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General information on applying for a visa in Germany

The process of applying for and receiving a student visa for Germany can be costly and lengthy, depending on the student’s home country. An applicant should contact his or her local embassy or consulate at least three months in advance to determine the country's requirements, what the process involves, and what amount of time is necessary to complete this process.
The DAAD offers a good overview on visa issues: 

This is also a helpful website:

Please be aware that some countries require special documents and/or fees from individuals planning to study in Germany. Which of these requirements the applicant will be asked to provide is set by the home country and not by the Federal Republic of Germany; thus, the University has no control over decisions made regarding requirements of significant funding, financial sponsors, and so forth. The program has no power to influence any decision made by an official authority in another country, nor can the office provide assistance in these matters.

Many countries require that the applicant open a bank account in Germany and deposit a specific sum of money into this account before the visa will be issued. Please be aware that it is not possible for any staff member of the M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences to open an account for any individual in Germany. Applicants should contact their local bank for assistance and guidance with regard to this issue, or attempt to directly contact a German bank (it is possible to open bank accounts online).

Applicants who plan to enter Germany initially with a visitor or similar visa, as opposed to a student visa, should check with their local agencies before leaving their home countries as to whether it will be possible to obtain a student visa in Munich. In many cases such students must return to their home countries to apply for student visas in person. The program highly recommends that students obtain the German student visa before leaving their home countries to avoid any complications and additional travel costs.

Hints from students on applying for a visa in certain countries

Some of our students shared personal experiences with their visa process in their home country for you.
Even if your country is not listed, having a look at the tips and tricks might be valuable anyway.
Usually the older students are also very willing to advise you with visa issues in their countries and offer some kind of "buddy system" to get you started.

If you want to ask for help from the upper cohort, please contact the Program Coordinator, so that your request can be forwarded.

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