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Scientific Board

Scientific Board
Title       Last NameFirst NameChair                               InstitutionSpeaker of Expertise Team(s)
Prof. Dr. Fischer Frank Education and Educational Psychology LMU 7
Prof. Dr. Fischer Martin Chair of Medical Education LMU 4
Prof. Dr. Frenzel Anne Psychology in the Learning Sciences     LMU 3
Prof. Dr. Heene Moritz Psychology in the Learning Sciences LMU 8
Prof. Dr. Hofer Sarah Education and Educational Psychology LMU 6
Prof. Dr. Küchenhoff Helmut Statistical Counseling Lab LMU 8
Prof. Dr. Kuhn Jochen Chair for Physics Education LMU LMU 6
Prof. Dr. Markic Silvija Chair for Chemistry Education LMU 2
Prof. Dr. Neuhaus Birgit Biology Education LMU  4
Prof. Dr. Reck Corinna Chair of Clinical Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence & Counseling Psychology LMU 7
Prof. Dr. Schütz-Bosbach Simone General & Experimental Psychology LMU 1
Prof. Dr. Ufer Stefan Chair for Mathematics Education LMU 4