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Murillo Montes de Oca, Ambar

Country: Ecuador

Thesis Topic: Acceptance of Technology Based Conceptual Artifacts in Knowledge Communities: Applications to EO Image Information Mining

Abstract: In Earth Observation, satellites acquire a large amount of data daily, therefore requiring efficient ways to exploit this data through image information mining. Furthermore, satellite imagery is becoming ubiquitous information, raising questions regarding its understanding and use. In my dissertation, the knowledge communities using this information will be studied, to understand their community structure, and to look at elements that can foster sense of community. Once the community has been studied, the acceptance of the technology based conceptual artifacts that are used in the communities will be studied, with a focus on ways to increase acceptance. This will, in turn, improve the ways in which satellite image information is used, and this information is shared.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nic Nistor

Main discipline: Technology-Enhanced Learning and Collaboration

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