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Exemplary Projects

EP1: DFG Research Unit: Facilitation of Diagnostic Competences in Simulation-Based Learning Environments in Higher Education

Doctors and teaching staff need to be able to make accurate diagnoses. The academic understanding of how diagnostic competences can be measured has constantly improved over the past few years. But how can these skills be sharpened in higher education?

Principle Investigator: Fischer, F.

EP2: REASON – Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation

The international doctoral school “Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation” (REASON) focuses on an essential topic for knowledge communities. In addition to its distinctive research topic, essential components of the REASON doctoral school are represented by its international profile and the participation of multiple disciplines. 

Principle Investigator: Fischer, F.

EP3: ELK Math

The focus of mathematical curricula recently shifted from the description of mathematical content to the use of this content and likewise the process of mathematical operations, e.g. mathematical argumentation.

Principle Investigator: Fischer, F., Reiss, K., Ufer, S. and Kollar, I.

EP4: ForschenLernen: Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation

The BMBF-funded joint research project ForschenLernen investigates the effects of inquiry-based learning and aims to examine activities that have been implemented within the “quality for teaching” funding program.

Principle Investigator: Fischer, M., Fischer, F., Mieg, H. and Deicke, W

EP5: DFG Research Unit: Active Perception

The Research Unit "Active Perception" intends to study this perception-cognition-action loop by combining psychological, neuroscientific and mathematical perspectives.

Principle Investigator: Müller, H.

EP6: ERC Project: Unravelling the moral self

The project is designed to tease out the origins of moral behavior. It intends to focus on the development of the individual‘s self-perception as a moral person and its role in fostering prosocial behavior.

Principle Investigator: Paulus, M. and Ferdinand, N.

EP7: Emotional Contagion in the Classroom: Analyses on Micro- and Macro-Levels

This project focusses on the emotional contagion between teachers and learners in the classroom.

Principle Investigator: Frenzel, A., Reck, C. and Pekrun, R.