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Community Tasks

All doctoral candidates are assigned with specific community tasks, which are projects that are initiated to support the progress of the research in REASON.

Community TaskCurrently in charge 
Practice transfer
Colleagues previously in charge: Katharina Engelmann and Sandra Becker
April Moeller

IT Support & Teaching Media literacy (LMU platforms, data security)
Colleagues previously in charge: Ansgar Opitz and Maria Fysaraki
Florian Spensberger
(Student representative)
Interdisciplinary collaboration & understanding – New initiative
Background, purpose, tasks: interdisciplinary collaboration (similar to intercultural collaboration) does not always work unproblematically and more often needs a support structure. The purpose of the community task is firstly to gather literature on the topic of interdisciplinary work, identifying possible experts in the field and eventually co-organizing events to support the REASON interdisciplinary teams. The projects of the community task include:
Sarah Bichler, Gina Scappucci                                                                                                                                                 
International schools & Academic retreats
Colleagues previously in charge: Maryam Alqassab, Andras Csanadi, Janina Klemm, Carlos Diaz
Anastasia Datsogianni, Despoina Georgiou,Olga Ioannidou, Mary Opio


Open science and open data - New initiative
Background, purpose, tasks: one of the most influential criteria in defining high-quality future research is accessibility of research data and the transparency of the research procedure. An ever-growing number of institutions are committing to the principles of the open science framework. The purpose of this task is getting familiar with the open science framework, conditions and procedures and to ultimately share this knowledge with the REASON group.
Arianne Herrera-Bennett
(Student representative)


International networking: NAPLeS – Network of Academic programs in the Learning Sciences
Colleagues previously in charge: Daniel Sommerhoff and Özgün Tuncer