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Özgün Köksal Tuncer

Özgün Köksal Tuncer


Room: 1U37
Phone: 089-2180-5955

Further Information

Curriculum Vitae

  • Year of Birth 1987
  • Degrees:
    B.A. Psychology (2010) Middle East Technical University
    M.A. Cognitive Sciences (2012) Middle East Technical University

Research Topics

  • Causal Learning in Young Children
  • Normative Development
  • Language Acquisition
  • Development of Social Cognition

Current Research Topic

  • Problem:
    There is an inconsistency in the literature in terms of preschool children’s scientific reasoning competencies. This inconsistency is, to some extent, due to the difference in conceptualizations of scientific reasoning and the complexity of the tasks used in the experiments.
  • Research Questions:
    Do preschool children use scientific reasoning mechanisms (hypothesis testing, evidence evaluation etc.) in their exploratory play?
    How do parent-child and teacher-child interactions influence children’s usage of scientific reasoning strategies in exploratory play? In which circumstances, do those interactions increase/hinder scientific reasoning?
  • Expected Results:
    Young children are able to follow scientific reasoning strategies when they are confronted with tasks those are appropriate for their age in terms of cognitive complexity.
    In child-parent/child-teacher interaction, appropriate questions of parents and teachers can direct children to think and reason about the structure of the task/problem and help them to follow scientific reasoning strategies in those problem-solving/causal reasoning tasks.