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Moeller April

April Moeller-Bachhuber, M.Sc.Neuro-Cognitive Psychology

Learning Sciences PhD Candidate
International Doctoral School "Scientific Reasoning and Argumentation"


Leopoldstr. 44
80802 München

Room: 609
Phone: +49-(0)89-2180-72560

Further Information

Thesis Topic

Influence of digital technology on the development of scientific reasoning skills in young children


  • Honors Degree Technology Management (2016) Center for Digital Technology and Management
  • M.Sc. Neuro-Cognitive Psychology (2015) Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • B.A. Psychology and Cognitive Science (2013) University of Virginia
Research Interests
  • Developmental psychology
  • Theory of mind
  • Digital technology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Education
  • Scientific reasoning and argumentation


  • Steinberger, F., Moeller, A., & Schroeter, R. (2016). The antecedents, experience, and coping strategies of driver boredom in young adult males. Journal of Safety Research.