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Internship Requirements

Students must complete an internship of 350 hours (10 weeks, 12 ECTS) in an educational institution, an organization/business, related to education and/or psychology, or work on a research project. The internship should provide students with practical experience and key skills in educationally and psychologically relevant fields. Requirements for successful internship completion can be found in the LRZ Sync and Share Folder "Information for Students" --> "Internship". In case you have not signed up for it yet, please contact the program coordinator for an invitation to the shared folder. 

Finding an Internship

The internship tutor will answer students’ questions about finding an internship position, possible fields and roles, and other internship-related issues. Internships will be offered within the framework of MCLS research projects and the associated Departments. In addition, information about internship positions outside the University will be provided on the basis of an extensive internship database and alumni networks.  The University Career Center also provides lists of current internship and student job opportunities. The databases and internship reports can be found in the LRZ Sync and Share folder. 

Students can also pursue an internship abroad. For more information please contact the program coordinator.

Applying for an Internship

First step: Approval of planned internship activities

Before you begin an internship, it should be approved by the internship tutor.

The internship approval form requires a brief description of the organization, the activities, the time schedule and what you expect to be the result of your internship activities. The internship tutor will provide you with feedback and let you know if the internship will be accepted for credits. Please follow the instructions in the LRZ Sync and Share folder (Links etc.)

Second step: Approval of the conducted internships

1. After the completion of your internship, the following documents have to be submitted: A short internship report (2-4 pages, 10 hours of work) should be submitted by the end of the internship. The internship report should contain recommendations for other students regarding the effective strategies of coping with internship tasks. The internship report can be written in one of the two forms:

  • Task Description and Reflection containing a description of your activities and your reflection on
    them, linking the experience to what you have learned in the Program and your potential future
  • Old and updated Anticipatory Professional Tracks (APT) table and Skills/Competence Inventory
    (S/CI) worksheet (please highlight the changed sections) from your Transferable Skills class:
    shortly describe and reflect which aspects of the internship fostered the changes.

The report should be uploaded via an online upload form (Link in LRZ Sync and Share).

2. Internship Overview Form: An overview of the most important aspects of the internship. It is to be filled out by the intern.

3. Internship Feedback Form: Feedback provided on the performance of the intern. It is to be filled out by the internship provider, mentor or manager, and returned directly or in a sealed envelope to the program coordinator. You can submit it to the coordinator directly, or to the secretary or leave it in the Learning Sciences Mailbox (Main entrance hall of Leo 13, box number 64).


For support with the internship, please contact the internship tutor.