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Master Thesis

The final module contains three components: the Master’s Thesis (24 ECTS credits), the Empirical Research Designs seminar (3 ECTS), and the Master Colloquium (3 ECTS).

Master’s Thesis Requirements

The master’s thesis is to show that the student is able to independently process a problem in his/her major subject in accordance with scientific methods within a stipulated period of time. It should include an introduction of recent scientific findings of an aspect of the field of educational and/or psychological research on teaching and learning, as well as the student’s own empirical study on a self-developed research question. Based on available literature, students learn to develop research questions independently; conceptualise their own study; conduct, evaluate, present it in a written form; and discuss it critically. The master’s thesis should be 150,000–270,000 characters in length and is worth 24 ECTS.

The topic for the master’s thesis should be selected in the beginning of the third study semester. The topic may be suggested by the student or by the supervisor, but needs to be agreed upon by the supervisor. As a rule, students are supposed to contact a professor in advance to ask for thesis supervision. The professor can ask for a thesis proposal or exposè to make his/her final decision about the supervision.

Graduation and Thesis Submission Deadline

Students need to officially register their theses topics in the Examination Office during during the third semester at the latest by beginning of January. Topic registration deadline is announced every year by the program coordinator. All registrations are handed in to the Examination Office at once, therefore students submit the registration to the program coordinator. After the topic registration, students have 24 weeks to complete the thesis. The thesis topic can be changed only once, and that change must occur within the first two weeks after topic registration. The thesis submission deadline is in July and is additionally announced by the program coordinator. No extension of the thesis submission deadline can be granted.

If the master’s thesis fails by either not meeting the deadline or receiving a grade lower than 4.0, the student is allowed to repeat the Master’s Thesis requirement one time only directly in the subsequent semester. To do so, the student needs to hand in a new registration with a new thesis title before the registration deadline ends. Should this not be possible, please contact the coordinator ASAP.

Master’s Certificate

Upon successful completion of the M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences, each graduate student receives an official degree certificate, issued by the Examination Office of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, and is awarded the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.). Each graduate student receives a Master’s Certificate and a Diploma Supplement that provides an explanation of the program and its grading system, as well as the official transcript of all completed courses with grades and credits. The above-mentioned certificates are issued in both English and German and bear the LMU seal.

These documents can be sent out via post to the students by the Examination Office, in case that they will not be able to pick them up personally. Please contact the Examination Office for such inquiries directly.