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Application - Procedure

FAQ for applicants available HERE (please read before writing e-mails)

Selection Procedure


       Step 1                                        Step 2                                       Step 3                                       Step 4
(Student)                                    (Program)                           (Student & Program)                          (Program)
Submit documents               Review submitted documents             Interview Phase                             Final decision
   March 1st (online)                          March/(April)                            April/(May)                                   May/June
April 15 (hardcopies)
           O ------------------------------------- O -------------------------------- O ------------------------------------- O


Step 1: Submit documents

  • ONLINE: Submit all required documents in the required format by March 1, 11:59pm (UTC+1) via the Online Application Tool (open from Mid January).
  • HARDCOPIES (for international students only):
    Any application is solely valid if an online application has been submitted by the deadline!
    If you are an international student, make sure to additionally send the required hardcopies to the Program.
    We recommend to send them by March 1, but we accept them until April 15.
    Should you not be able to hold this deadline, please contact the coordination immediately. We confirm the arrival of the documents via mail.
    More information on required documents here.

Step 2: Review submitted documents

We will review and score the applications based on the

  • prior knowledge and experience in the fields of 
    Learning Sciences, Empricial Research Methods & Statistics, and Academic Skills
  • performance on a test measuring scientific understanding
  • the quality of your motivation letter

Step 3: Interview Phase

Interview invitations will be sent out to all applicants, who obtained a sufficient score based on the document review. 
The interviews will presumably take place middle of April/beginning of May. The interviews can be conducted in person or online.
Beside your qualifications for our program (validating the information and impression we gathered from the documents) we will also validate your English proficiency in the interview.

 Step 4: Final decision

We will inform you about the final decision regarding your acceptance or rejection (presumably in May/June; in July the latest).
If you are an international student, you need an additional acceptance letter from the International Office to start your studies (i.e. upon enrollment).