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Academic Advising

Supervisory team
Doctoral students should be supported by three supervisors (one first and two second supervisors). The first supervisor’s scientific discipline is typically the major (home) discipline of the doctoral student. The second supervisor should be from a different discipline or sub-discipline. The third supervisor should be from abroad.

The tasks of the team are:

  • to work out a Supervisory Agreement including a time plan together with the doctoral student within the first six months of the student’s participation in the program
  • to give feedback on presentations of the doctoral student in the Doctoral Colloquium at least once a year
  • to read and comment the student’s annual report and to give advice for setting and adjusting goals and timelines

Supervisory Agreement
This includes the names of the members of the supervisory team, a working title of the dissertation, a content-based schedule, further tasks (e.g. publications, conference participation, planned stays abroad) and a work plan, which can be adjusted regularly, annual reporting (student) and coaching and monitoring sessions (advisors) on regular basis, as well as regulations with respect to the workplace. 

Please also visit the Recommendations for the organization of doctoral studies published on the the Graduate Center web page. 

Doctoral Colloquium
Doctoral students are requested to present their work at least once a year in the doctoral colloquium. Ideally, at least one of the supervisors should be present to discuss the work and give feedback. 

Requirements for International Supervisors
International supervisors are professors within a Learning Sciences discipline who are employed abroad. They need to take part in online tutoring conferences with the doctoral researcher and are also expected to visit the doctoral student at least once during the qualification phase.