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Nike Tsalas

Country: Luxembourg, Germany, Greece

Thesis topic:
Metacognition in Adolescence

Abstract: Metacognition is an important concept within the learning sciences and involves the awareness and regulation of one’s own mental processes. Effective self-regulation through metacognitive monitoring and control processes can improve learning and academic performance. Adolescence is a developmental time, which is marked by increased introspection and internal control, two important mediators for metacognition. Furthermore, recent neuro scientific findings have highlighted protracted brain development in adolescence in areas of our brain underpinning higher-level cognitive processes such as metacognition. These structural changes are likely to concur with cognitive changes.

In my project I will systematically explore metacognitive processes across different age groups within adolescence using inter alia innovative eye tracking technology to track subtle and implicit processes.

First Supervisor: Prof. Beate Sodian

Home discipline: Developmental Psychology  (Conceptual Development and Conceptual change)