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Florian Pilz

Country: Germany

Thesis topic: Learning through observation and scripted peer feedback in taboo zones when learning with simulations in medical education

Abstract: Simulations with simulation patients (‘normal’ people trained to act as real patients) are widely used in medical education. To increase the effectiveness we let another student observe the simulation and gave the observer the task to provide peer-feedback afterwards. Both the observation and the peer-feedback was supported by a script which provides important steps to the learners. The setting of the simulation was a digital-rectal examination which is a mandatory part of the medical curriculum at the LMU. We also want to find out if these scripts help students to reduce their inhibitions to perform the simulation themselves or more general the influence of these scripts on emotions.

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer, Prof. Dr. Matthias Siebeck (Clinic and outpatient clinic for surgery)

Home discipline: Education