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Barbara Beege

Country: Germany

Thesis topic: Factors impacting the acquisition and increase of teaching method competence

Abstract: Recent scholarship in the field of academic training shows that it is very complex to convey and to learn teaching methods. Lecturers need theoretical and practical input to facilitate knowledge and skills about teaching methods, which cannot be covered by a single training. The research question of this project is twofold: firstly, the project examines what a teaching-learning surrounding for lecturers must look like and, secondly, what the determining factors, which enable them to increase or establish method competence, are? An approach to figure out, which factors actually determine the establishment or widening of teaching method competence, is to create a mobile learning platform with a blended learning environment for lecturers. A learning environment, which offers direct access, learning materials, learning tasks and which is embedded in a designed and arranged teaching-learning model will be designed. Learners have therefore the possibility to get information at any time, to exchange ideas, to reflect and to learn from different situations about teaching methods. The mobile learning platform and blended learning environment will be evaluated, optimized or diversified in certain phases of the research project, thus key factors can be determined in a proper way. 

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer

Home discipline:

Main subject: Psycholinguistic and Speech Communication

Minor subjects: Social Psychology and Educational Sciences