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Antosch-Bardohn Jana

Country: Germany

Thesis topic: Better learning when doing nothing? - The impact of an incubation period on the learning process

Abstract: Empirical studies on instructional support for learning usually focus on how to facilitate learning processes to achieve better learning outcomes. There are, however, indications that sometimes after a period without intentional learning, a growth in knowledge occurs. Regarding to the approach of creative problem solving a period without intentional working on the problem has been termed incubation. This phase is followed by an insight, a moment where an idea comes to mind. The open question is whether we can find similar phenomena in learning processes as well. In addition to that I examine how incubation and insight phenomena in learning processes can be fostered and which cognitive levels support unconscious work and lead to an increase in knowledge.

Supervisors: PD Dr. Karsten Stegmann

Home discipline: Educational Psychology