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Structure and Degrees

The general structure of doctoral programs involves course participation and individual research culminating in a dissertation. The degrees obtained at the end of a doctoral program can however differ.

Please also visit the LMU official webpage for a comprehensive description of doctoral studies in Germany.

There are two degree options available when applying for our program. The structure, the offered courses and the study period are shared by both degree options. The differences lie however in the course requirements and the completion conditions. It is recommended that students consult with their future supervisors about the degree they would like to pursue. 

Doctoral Degree (Dr.) This title has a particular tradition within the German speaking countries. The type and quantitiy of courses to be attended  by the end of the doctoral studies is to be negotiated with the suüervisor. 

Degrees offered: Dr. phil/Dr. rer.nat./Dr. med.
Completion Conditions: Submission of dissertation
However, to obtain the completion certificate of the DTP, a specified number of courses in different domains has to be proven (see Curriculum).

Study Regulations (Promotionsordnung):


Postgraduate Academic Degree (PhD) This title is the internationally recognized title for the completion of doctoral studies. There are number of compulsory courses which need to have been attended by the end of the entire study period. Based on the examination regulations, students are required to attend to a formal examination for each of the seminars (typically pass/fail policy). The nature of the examination (for example essay or presentation) is decided individually by the each lecturer. The obtaining of ECTS credits serves as sufficient proof to fulfill the requirements.
Degrees offered: PhD
Completion Conditions: 180 ECTS Points
[Credit Systems. A total of 180 ECTS can be acquired in the program. 150 ECTS will be awarded for the dissertation and 30 ECTS for class attendance and class assignments]

Study Regulations (Prüfungs- und Studienordnung): 
English version (Legally binding is solely the German version!): Download 

For both degree options the study period is three years and the language of instruction is English.