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The influence of lesson study on teachers’ professional learning

Guest lecture by Prof. Jan Vermunt, Eindhoven School of Education


On behalf of the international doctoral school REASON, we are very happy to announce the upcoming guest lecture:

janvermuntThe influence of lesson study on teachers’ professional learning

held by Prof. Jan Vermunt
Eindhoven School of Education, Eindhoven University of Technology

Friday 20.09.2019, 13:45-15:00
Lecture Hall 605, TUM School of Education, Marsstraße 20-22, 80335 München

Lesson Study (LS) is rapidly becoming one of the most adopted models of teacher professional development worldwide. This talk aims to increase our understanding of how and why LS impacts on teacher learning. Data are drawn from a two-year research and development project with 214 teachers in 59 participating schools, both primary and secondary, in London. Across the two years, mathematics teachers formed small LS groups within or across schools to carry out LS research lessons during six phases of activity. Their LS discussions were video-recorded and they provided information about their learning, their perceptions of the value of LS, their students’ learning outcomes, and their teaching experience. The findings contribute to advancement of our understanding of teacher learning as they provide evidence of mechanisms through which professional development impacts teacher learning. Implications and future directions will be discussed.

Short Bio
Jan Vermunt is a Professor of Learning and Educational Innovation at Eindhoven University of Technology and the Scientific Director of the School. His expertise area is the learning sciences, with a focus on teaching and student learning in higher education, and teachers' learning and professional development. His scientific work was published in journals such as Learning and Instruction, British Journal of Educational Psychology, Teaching and Teacher Education, Teachers College Record, Higher Education, Studies in Higher Education, Academic Medicine, Medical Education, and Vocations and Learning. He was the Editor-in-Chief of Learning and Instruction for the past five years.

We are looking forward to welcoming many interested participants!

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