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Dr. William Boone visits MCLS and the Prof. Neuhaus group

Dr. William Boone, full Professor of Educational Psychology (Miami University), will join the Neuhaus research group for a two weeks period in March 2012.


Dr. Boone is an internationally known expert in the application of Rasch analysis techniques. He currently serves at the Editorial Boards of The Journal of Applied Measurement, Science Education, and the Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

This visit follows two previous research visits at the Neuhaus group (the one in 2010 was supported by the LMU Center for Advanced Studies). During the spring visit this year Dr. Boone will work intensively with the head of biology education as well as with doctoral students. Their goal is to author peer reviewed articles and to conduct cutting edge Rasch analysis of Biology education data. Dr. Boone will also hold a few days Rasch measurement workshop, which will be attended by the DTP students of the Munich Center of the Learning Sciences.