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KOMPARE – new research project at the chair of Empirical Pedagogy and Educational Psychology

The research unit of Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer (LMU Munich) has started in February 2012 a new research project, called KOMPARE. It will run for three years, till January 2015.


The project focuses on the nature and the development of competence of argumentation with evidences. Four studies are going to be conducted in total. Some of the central research questions are:

1. Which levels and dimensions of the competence of argumentation with evidences can be empirically identified and discriminated?

2. To what extent can existing model from the field of Medical Education be transferred to Educational Science?

3. Which cognitive requirements relate to the competence of argumentation with evidence?

KOMAPRE is funded by the BMBF and it will be completed in collaboration with Prof. Cornelia Gräsel (Wuppertal) and Prof. Martin Fischer (Medical Education, LMU Munich).

The project will benefit from the work of other scientists like Christof Wecker, Andreas Hetmanek and Jan Kiesewetter, all from LMU Munich.